04 November 2013

I Shot a Wedding....

So my (step) Aunt asked me photograph her wedding.  I said "No."  She said "Please."  After making sure it was me, or no one, I said okay.  This was a subsequent wedding, low scale wedding for family so all that took some pressure off.  But I cannot say I was not nervous.  I have zero experience, and no back up equipment if any of mine screwed up.  I am glad I did it.  It reinforced things I already knew.  I have no interest in being a wedding photographer.  Weddings are hard.  I don't like the tight schedule, the you have one chance to make it or break it, knowing the behind the scenes wedding day stress, and working with such a tiny bit of light.  (This church had zero natural light source.---So thankful for that flash I bought a year ago.)  I have mad respect for decent wedding photographers, and think the expense associated with pros is well worth it.  And I am so thankful for the wonderful lady who photographed my wedding :)   So I will share some of the photos from the day...
My two most handsome gentlemen and I had a Wendy's picnic outside while waiting to get into the church.
The groom did the most awesome speech committing himself to Tricia's three children before the ceremony to commit himself to the bride.

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