26 March 2014

Baby Sprout: Week 34

From Daddy...
You’re our baby girl and that is new, therefore frightening.  I’m frightened by how much different you’ll be, and by how much you’ll change as you grow up.  All those cliché things of first boyfriends and your wedding day are already flooding my mind and I don’t know what to do with them.  I hope I can grow with you like I have with Levi – learning with you in wide eyed wonder as we discover this new world around you.  I want you to always know how much I love you.  I also want you to always know that I will embarrass you in public, and I’ll be goofy and very likely uncool.  But I will always support you with limitless enthusiasm, and again, embarrassment.  These days and weeks are really starting to fly by until your due date, but we still can’t wait to have you in our arms.  I’ll be seeing you soon!

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23 March 2014

Baby Sprout: Week 33

A note on the TOMS:  I bought us all a pair of Toms off Zulily.  Baby girls are bigger for when she is walking.  Levi loves his shoes! He goes around singing "I love my pink shoes."  (They are red. ;))  And he can take them off himself. Big win!

And if the text is too tiny: "We had a baby shower for you last week.  It was lovely. You got so many cute clothes, of course.  But the best part is just thinking about how loved you are.  You are so lucky to have so many people that would do almost anything for you.  I hope you always know you are so loved.  Mommy feels HUGE nowadays, and you are always kicking and hitting me.  Sometimes it feels like you are going to just bust out of my belly.  This whole time, it has felt like your arrival was sooo far away, but it is feeling very close now.  Your room is coming together, and I think we have everything else ready for you---well minus all the stuff, we are beyond ready.  Although, you are still not named.  We thought we had decided a while back, but now we just do not know.  We think we may name you when you are born.  Hopefully you come out and we “just know,” but I doubt it.  I have really started to treat our little family as a family of four, not three anymore---and it is so wonderful!"
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Building Roads

"Mommy, take picture me building road."

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20 March 2014

So one day two months ago, this happened...

One day, I let Levi have a sucker/lollipop he got from somewhere.  When I gave it to him, he asks if I would take his picture.  Something about eating a lollipop means taking photos?  No clue where he got this idea.  But he made me go in living room where he sat on the yellow couch, and take photos.  Then he ordered me to the kitchen where he laid on the ground posing.  It was serious business.  Now he always associates lollipops with photos.  Even today, he asked me to take his photo, then proceeded to ask for a "sucker."  Whaaa?  I'll take it. ;)

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