23 March 2014

Baby Sprout: Week 33

A note on the TOMS:  I bought us all a pair of Toms off Zulily.  Baby girls are bigger for when she is walking.  Levi loves his shoes! He goes around singing "I love my pink shoes."  (They are red. ;))  And he can take them off himself. Big win!

And if the text is too tiny: "We had a baby shower for you last week.  It was lovely. You got so many cute clothes, of course.  But the best part is just thinking about how loved you are.  You are so lucky to have so many people that would do almost anything for you.  I hope you always know you are so loved.  Mommy feels HUGE nowadays, and you are always kicking and hitting me.  Sometimes it feels like you are going to just bust out of my belly.  This whole time, it has felt like your arrival was sooo far away, but it is feeling very close now.  Your room is coming together, and I think we have everything else ready for you---well minus all the stuff, we are beyond ready.  Although, you are still not named.  We thought we had decided a while back, but now we just do not know.  We think we may name you when you are born.  Hopefully you come out and we “just know,” but I doubt it.  I have really started to treat our little family as a family of four, not three anymore---and it is so wonderful!"
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