19 April 2014

Baby Sprout: Weeks 36 and 38, and a Name!

Week 36
You, little girl, are making Daddy and I feel crazy.  Mommy started having regular, strong contractions two whole weeks ago.  That was definitely earlier than we wanted, and were a little scared you were going to come early.  But no, you are still in there.  I have had several rounds of those same regular, painful contractions since then.  And they are indeed making me dilate.  My midwife is making me take it easy, which is hard for Mommy.  But I have felt bad for several days, and have been having loads of contractions for two full days now, not regular.  But lots of them, ranging from hardly noticeable to extremely painful, cannot hardly move and cannot talk.  I do not know what you are doing in there, but I am starting to fear I will be fully dilated by the time I realize you are coming.  Daddy is wondering if this is any indication of your personality.  When I was pregnant with your brother, it was very, very different.  I never even felt any pain until one hour before I starting pushing him out.  Maybe you two will be opposites in personality too ;)  You are keeping us on edge, and we are excited to meet you.  We would like you to cook in my belly another week or so, but if you could do something about all my cramping and contractions in the meantime, that would really be nice.

 High five to whoever can guess her full name from all that tiny and blurred out text.  No spoilers or high fives to anyone I have told. ;)

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