28 May 2014

Mira June: Month 1

1 Month
Your first month with us flew by, and was really great.  You have been doing so well eating and sleeping and being content.  The past few days you have been a little less content and stayed wide awake from 1am-4am a couple nights ago---but I will take it.  It has been so fun adding you to our family.  You fit in just perfectly.  Levi loves you, and becomes very distressed when you cry.  He likes to say "hi" to you over and over with his face parked right in front of yours.  You don't mind.  You also do not mind Daisy sniffing your face all the time.  I think you are so big, but everyone else always talks about how tiny you still are.  You started off the month pooping through every type of diaper I put on you, and pooped on me several times.  Luckily we got that under control when I started putting you in larger cloth diapers and covers.  You grunt a lot, like most newborns. Honestly your grunts are not too cute.  They sound like a sick animal.  Soon enough they will turn to adorable 'coos' though.  You have already rolled over twice, both front to back and back to front.  Daddy says he does not believe me because it was just you and me both times.  But really slow down, okay?  You get more beautiful every day and add so much joy to our lives.  We love you so much!

 If you are into comparing and such, you can see what Levi looked like and was up to at the same age here.  

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