02 May 2014

Baby Sprout: Birth Story and a New Name Story

I wrote a lot of words, so you can just scroll down if you want to see pictures of Mira in the hospital.  I know the text looks so tiny in her book, but I managed to fit it in there at 12 pt. font so it is readable when I print her book.  

 Week 39
    And just like that, you are finally here.  As I have mentioned, you have been playing tricks on us for a while.  We even checked in to the hospital 1.5 weeks before you were born, thinking you may be coming.  The Friday before you were born, Mommy started feeling funny and had contractions pick up.  Levi was going to spend the weekend with Mamaw and Papaw McHugh---and we are glad he did because it would come that I basically spent the whole weekend in labor.  I cried when I said goodbye to Levi.  I just felt that the next time I saw him, he would not be my only child.  I felt excited and overwhelmed at the same time.  My contractions built into the evening, but that had happened before.  Just after we went to bed, I was woke up by some pretty strong contractions, stronger than any I had had before.  They got so strong, I woke Daddy, called the midwife, and headed to the hospital.  I was 99% sure I was going to come home with you in my arms.  Of course the contractions slowed when we got to the hospital, but the nurse had me do some walking.  When walking, my contractions were strong and coming every 2 minutes, lasting about 1.5 minutes.  When I rested, they would slow down.  It was the middle of the night, and we were exhausted.  I progressed a little while there so they were ready to keep me.  I was nearly 6 cm dilated and your head had dropped lower.  Daddy and I slept a tiny bit, and my contractions just kept slowing, although never going away.  Finally, I told the nurse I wanted to go home---I was just too tired to keep walking to make the contractions come. 
    So we went home around 9am and slept.  We kind of hung out the whole day at home just waiting for the contractions to build up again, but they did not.   I cried because I was overwhelmed, felt frustrated with my body, and felt kind of alone and confused.  I also really wanted to meet you!  Daddy and I got a great night of sleep that night.  Around 10am on Sunday, my contractions built up again.  Coming every 2-3 minutes when I was up, every 5 minutes when I sat down.  Although they were not as strong as Friday.  That afternoon, I decided to call the midwife.  I just told her, I did not know what to do or expect from what my body was doing.  She has delivered a lot of babies, and had seen a few women whose bodies labored kind of like mine.  She told me I had two choices.   Wait it out.  When it finally gets real (could be today or two weeks from then), it will go super-fast---likely 2 hours or less.  Or from where my body is at, she felt very good about breaking my water to put me into labor, and we could do it that day if I wanted.  As much as I wanted to let my body do everything in its own time, I was ready.  And I felt like my body was ready to do the laboring. 
    So we called the grandparents, packed up, and drove to hospital to get ready to meet you.  I was 6 cm and you were in great position with the bag of waters bulging when she broke my water around 6pm.  It took about a half hour for the contractions to get real strong.  I decided to get in the tub to help with the pain.  They never got super close together, but got very strong and painful.  Mamaw Amber and Daddy would talk to me between contractions, and I would make them be quiet during them.  All of a sudden, around 8:30pm, I felt a strong contraction start to push you.  I totally freaked out.  The midwife and nurses hurried in and I started breathing really ineffectively and nearly passed out.  I do not know why I got so scared, but I did.  The intensity of pushing you out felt so much more strong than I had with your brother.  They got me calmed a little bit so I stopped tingling and breathing so rapidly.  Then I pushed and screamed for the next 45 minutes.  I really expected you to come out in half the time you did---so it was not good I could see a clock.  I kept saying “She is supposed to be out already,” along with “I don’t want to do it” and really lots of yelling.  Seriously, I pushed so much longer with your brother, but it felt way more intense with you.
     When the midwife saw your head peep, she said “She has a lot of hair!”  I said “I knew it” because I had so much heartburn with this pregnancy.  Finally, you slid out and were laid on my chest with that beautiful full head of dark hair and plump little cheeks.  You are so beautiful.  I was a little thrown off by how you looked so much different than your brother.  We snuggled there with you letting out a few adorable shrill cries.      Mommy had to get cleaned up, so Daddy watched over you while you were examined and measured.  Then he cuddled you, and seemed like such a pro while I gazed at the two of you from across the room.  I finally got you back in my arms, and started to nurse you.  You nursed so well, even the nurses commented on it.  You are so amazing Mira June, and worth every bit of discomfort.  I love you so much, and am so excited to be your Mommy.  

Your Name
    We had your name picked out before I went into labor.  I even wrote a post telling you why we chose it and how much we loved it.  It was going to be Norah June Miriam.  Norah was a name Mommy and Daddy picked out for a daughter before your brother was even born.  And I really wanted to use Miriam because it felt very special to me.  So we came to our hard decision by deciding to give you two middle names. 
     But when the midwife placed you in my arms, you just did not look like a Norah.  I did not say anything because I was overwhelmed from pushing, and just did not feel well after your birth.  But later that night, I fessed up to Daddy that I was having a hard time thinking of you as a Norah.  I tried, but it just did not feel right.  Mira was another name Mommy and Daddy both liked a lot, and felt special to us.  And I felt it suited you so much better.  We then had to have the nurses change all their signs from Norah to Mira! 
    Early in my pregnancy, before we knew if you were a boy or girl, Mommy set out on a quest to find a name Daddy and I could love as much as Norah---we had met so many little Norah’s in the past year, it was losing its special feel.  I finally came across the name Mira as a nickname for Miriam.  Miriam had been on my list of middle name ideas for a while, and I just loved Mira.  So I looked up the meaning for Miriam first, to find the meaning of “wished for child.”  We did a lot of waiting, praying, and longing for you.  Seeing that meaning made my heart skip a beat.  I got so excited and continued researching the names Miriam and Mira.  Miriam is connected to the name Mary, and Marie which is Mommy’s middle name.  It also can mean beloved.  It is timeless and classy, feels sweet, strong, smart, and creative.  And Miriam in the Hebrew Bible is a pretty cool lady.  I was so in love with this name that I wrote a list of all the reasons I thought it was perfect to convince your Daddy, and I also had this feeling that you were a girl at that point.  In the end, Miriam felt a little too formal for Mommy and Daddy so we went with the sweet and simple Mira.
     Mira is such a cool name, and has meaning in a lot of different cultures.  It means admirable, peace (Slavic), miracle or wonderful (Latin), light (Hindi/Israeli/Hebrew), sea or jolly (Irish/Gaelic and spelled Meara) and is the name of a star in a constellation (Cetus).  It is so beautiful, just like you!   We chose June because it is one of the names Daddy threw out when we first discussed baby names when I was pregnant with Levi.  It is warm, energetic, and spunky.  Mommy also fell in love with the name when Reese Witherspoon played June Carter Cash in the movie “Walk the Line.”   We loved June with almost every name we considered.   We love you Miss Mira June McHugh!!!

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