05 July 2014

Mira June: 2 months

WARNING:  You may die of cuteness overload.  Www.leitiamchugh.com will not be held responsible.

PS Click here to see Levi's 2 month old post. :)

"You have grown so much this month.  You started smiling, quite a bit.  It is the most beautiful open mouth grin in the whole world.  Sometimes I can get you "talking" and smiling.  You are so sweet and pretty.  You are a very calm and laid back baby.  You rarely cry, just squeal a little to let us know you need something.  I am having so much fun watching you develop and take in the world around you.  You like to bury your face as you fall asleep. You will turn your head and push in on me when I am holding you, and try to do the same when laying in a bed or seat.  Levi calls you "Bugjune" instead of "Junebug."  It is pretty fitting.  I love calling you all sorts of nicknames: Peanut Butter, Missy J, Sweetie Butt, and whatever other weird names come out of my mouth.  I love you so much and can no longer imagine my life without you." 

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