26 August 2014

Dollhouse Renovation

     If you do not want to read my rambling, just know, I am working on my old dollhouse for the kids.  You can skip the rest.

     When I was around 11-12 (I think, Dad correct me if I am wrong), I begged my Dad for a dollhouse.  I had always wanted one.  I remember my cousins had one of those Fisher Price ones.  So jealous…they also had a motorized Barbie Car!  I also remember meeting this little girl with a HUGE at least 20 room wooden dollhouse that her grandpa built her.  It was amazing, so many teeny details.  At 11-12, I was a little old to play with dolls, but I wanted to decorate one, and buy furniture, and rearrange that furniture.  Likely where my love of decorating and houses started.  My Dad would get me anything if I asked enough, so of course he delivered.  On Christmas, he and my step mom bought me a huge Victorian/painted lady style wooden dollhouse kit.  It of course was still in the box.  And it was a ton of work to put together.  A ton!  My Dad did it for me though.  I painted a little and remember helping with the bricks around the bottom.  I cannot even begin to imagine the amount of hours my Dad put into it.  I cannot remember if it took a few months or a full year for it to get fully assembled.  Whichever it was, it felt like forever.  And I quickly realized how much money it would cost to furnish and decorate with all those tiny details.  (This was before Ebay and Craigslist and Pinterest.)  We visited this awesome miniatures shop in Nashville.  They had everything, like even mini plungers.  Yes, that is what stuck out to me.  I ended up only acquiring a mini kitchen set before I lost interest.  I became a teenager with more important things to do.   And when I packed it away in my shed, I promised myself that I would finish it someday for my kids to play with.
     Its time in the shed was not good to it.  I am pretty sure I remember being told (or maybe just assuming) that my brothers friends destroyed some of it while messing around in the shed when they were teens.  My brother swears not.  It really does not matter as it was over a decade ago.  Either way, my dollhouse is in need of restoration.  I finally brought it home and have begun work on it.  My first step is to repaint.   My style has changed quite a bit since then.  I have easily clocked 10 hours on it so far, and am maybe halfway done with the painting.  Then I have a lot of parts to reassemble.  Only then will I be ready for the fun part.  I already picked out scrap paper to wallpaper it.  I am a bit dollhouse obsessed at the moment, and realize that me working on it at the moment is 90% for me, 10% for the kids. 
     Levi has taken somewhat of an interest, and wanted to help me with it.  So I let him paint some stairs.  It lasted about 5 minutes.   The dollhouse is probably more for Mira than him once it is completed.  I see it being a toy she will play with for years and years.  I think Levi will enjoy the role play a bit as a young kid, but am hoping my girl will enjoy the decorating and such as she ages.   Levi does have plans to move his superheroes in.   I am taking advantage of my motivation at the time to work on it.  I will give it to Levi to play with once I start buying furniture, but Mira cannot play with it until she is at least two. ;)  I do plan on buying chunky wooden furniture instead of delicate collectible furniture, and am going to avoid too many details.  That dollhouse has set for over 15 years with no love, and I am ready for it to be played with!  Maybe when the kids get older, they can help me redecorate and add lots of teeny details, like a plunger.

     So here are a couple super terrible “before” photos.  I should have taken photos before my Dad took it to the basement.  

Since I would not let Levi play with the dollhouse now, we built a superhero house out of blocks instead.

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  1. Oh, Leitia! I love it! I can't wait to see what you come up with--I've loved seeing all of the dollhouse furniture you've pinned. So many cute, tiny accessory pieces (i.e. a plunger!). :) Sounds like a super fun project!

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