09 November 2014

Mira June: Months 4,5,6

 4 Months
Sweet Bugjune, You have changed a lot during the past month.  You easily can roll belly to back.  You can grab onto toys and bring them to your mouth.  You definitely suck your thumb---which has allowed you to become an awesome sleeper.  You have been going to bed around 8pm with your brother and do not wake until 5am or so to nurse.  I am still not ready to move you out of our room yet though.  And you laugh!  We have heard so many.  Mommy, Daddy, Levi, and Daisy have all got you to laugh.  It is a silly little laugh.  You can hold your head up and are feeling much more solid.  You prefer to be sitting upright as opposed to lying on the ground so you can make sure you are catching everything that is happening around you.  My love for you is growing and growing, sweet girl.
 5 Months
This month was my favorite so far.  You are becoming so much more interactive.  Laughing is easy. Your and Levi's sibling bond is really forming.  I regularliy hear "Can I hold Mira?" or "Can Mira sleep with me?," but have also heard a few "Be quiet, Mira" and whining about your feet touching him or you laying too close to his toys.  All to be expected.  Daddy and Mommy got to spend a couple days with just you while Levi stayed with a Mamaw.  It felt really special getting all that time with just you.  You used to grab my hair when you snuggled or nursed, but now you do this weird thing where you stretch your arm out and grab my nose or lips or cheek or teeth or eyeball or rotate between them all.  A few days ago you really got into rolling over.  Every time I place you on your back, you flip to your belly.  I think you are really excited about your new skill because you are really fighting sleeping at the same time.  I find myself constantly wondering about your personality and interests as you get a big older.  I cannot wait to find out.  Man, I love you and cannot get enough.
 6 Months
Six months feels like a big one.  I cannot believe you are this big.  You have filled out into such a lovely little baby.  Still sweet as can be.  You do let out some vicious grunts.  Your brother the other day said sadly "Mira is angry with me."  Really, you smile at about everything he does.  Rolling is old news now.  You get frustrated just hanging out on your belly.  You prefer to be up and observing everything going on.  You do not like car rides.  You stick your tongue out a lot when you smile.  It is about the most adorable thing on Earth.  You had your first meal, sweet potatoes.  Sometimes you are into them, sometimes you are not.  You aggressively grab my cup every time I drink something, and really like slurping my water.   You have a super sweet, soft voice when you "talk."  You love eating and grabbing your teeny toes.  Really, you have reached perfect baby cuteness and can stop growing now.  Please?

I find it strange that I also posted Levi 4th, 5th, and 6th months all together too.  You can see his by clicking here.

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