13 May 2015

Mira June: Months 10, 11, 12

What?  I have a blog?  It is easy to fortget nowadays.  Here are the last posts for Mira's baby book...
Month 10
Whoa!  What a month.  You now scoot all over the house. Not crawling, just scooting on your butt.  You do not let that hold you back though.  Nothing is safe.  You started waving.  You love it.  You even wave when you see a photograph.  You started clapping a couple days ago, and of course are insanely proud of yourself.  You are such a happy baby, even when you are beyond sleepy.   You pulled yourself up a couple times.  You love, love drinking smoothies.  About 20 times a day I look at you and wonder how it is possible that a human being could be so beautiful.  Really, you take my breath away little Junebug.
Month 11
Pretty girl,  Oh you are so much fun!  I love watching your little mind work.  You are discovering the world now that you can move around (still scooting on your butt.) You try to put lids on things and pull toys in and out of boxes and holes.  You are learning to tell me what you want.  Just a few days ago as I started to rock you to sleep, you pointed to a book because you wanted me to read to you.  Levi was so impressed yesterday that you were rolling a toy train on the ground.  He said "She knows how to play with it the right way!"  Speaking of, you and Levi are starting to fight with each other already.  You always want to be playing with what he is and try to take his toys.  He gets frustrated.  You grunt, and cry sometimes as he yells "No, Mira!"  It is funny, and awful at the same time.  I knew it was coming once you started moving though.  He still loves you dear. You still have a smile that can light up a whole room.  And you are still a Mama's girl. At the end of this month, your great-great Grandma Coleman died.  Oh she loved you and your brother so, and I am so glad I got to see her light up from your happy little soul.  I will have lots of stories to tell you about her.  She was one of the most amazing women to walk this Earth, and one of the reasons I loved the name Miriam so much (where we got your name.)  Miriam is the root name for Mary.  Love you little peanut butter.
Month 12
Well, we did it. You are now one!  We had a big rainbow party for you.  You were such a little trooper and had so much fun.  So many people that love you dearly were here to celebrate your life.  You have brought so much to all of us!  I cannot lie.  Mothering two kids has been the hardest thing I have ever done and I am so glad we made it through your baby days.  We have so much fun.  You are beautiful and sweet.  I love seeing your personality start to emerge.  You are determined, independent, easy going, and seem to love being around people.  I cannot wait to see what this year brings.  Daddy and I are wondering what your interests will be at the end of next year.  Your brother was obsessed with everything cars, vehicles, and the movie Cars.  You have started throwing mini tantrums, and hate getting in your carseat.  You still love to wave, and you get this whole body wave thing going.  You are still just scooting on your butt.  I think you say Mama, and maybe Dada and Bubba on occasion.  You have your top teeth now poking through.   This year I will lose my baby, and watch my little girl emerge.  I will miss my baby, but love watching you develop into my big girl.  Love you, baby.

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