19 June 2015

Marley's Bedtime Story Baby Shower

I threw a "bedtime story" baby shower for my bestie....oh about a year ago.  I realized I never shared photos though!  I loved this shower, and it was pretty cheap to throw since we had all the books and stuffed animals.  And her mom brought the food.  We played a children's storybook trivia game and everyone had to make a baby out of playdoh.  Then we judged them with different categories: most realistic, creepiest, and I don't remember the other category.  Prizes were bookmarks and tea bags.  I also had guests write down a wish for baby Marley that we made into a mobile.  I also asked guests to bring a book to start baby Marley's library, well loved or new.

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  1. Happy to see this beautifully decorated baby shower. My friend is looking for many of the lovely Seattle venues for her birthday party next month. Hope she finalizes it soon. Her mother is thinking of making sweets and cake herself.