26 July 2015

Mira's Rainbow Party

Wanted to get Mira's 1st birthday party up on the blog, finally.   I fell in love with a rainbow theme back when I was pregnant with Levi.  I was saving it up for a girl if I ever had one.  Then I had my beautiful rainbow baby.  (A rainbow baby is a baby born after losing a child to miscarriage.  A "rainbow after the storm.")  This was the perfect theme for her, and I started working on it way before her party.  She was such a trooper for this party, missing a nap but remaining happy.  We had so, so many people in our house!  While this was probably the prettiest party I have planned, it was also the least enjoyable for me.  It was rainy and cold outside.  I felt like I was not together.  I usually love the parties, but not this time.  Everyone else seemed to have a good time, and the 14 kids in my house were screaming and laughing, having the best time.  That is most important.  Everyone was super impressed by my surprise rainbow cake.  I had so much fun making it!   Levi, our neighbor, and I made rainbow finger paints, but it was so hectic we never got to those.  And the kids were having so much fun, they did not notice I didn't have any planned activities.

Now for the details.  I decorated mostly with crepe paper to make fringe streamers.  Also made paper flowers and filled glass bottles with water and food coloring to make rainbow bottles.  I served sandwiches, and made a rainbow sandwich topping platter.  Also made a fruit rainbow platter and made marshmallow clouds.  Of course made the rainbow cake, and a mini rainbow cake for Mira's smash cake, along with chocolate cupcakes covered with rainbow sprinkles.  I made large bead rainbow necklaces  and bought tiny rainbow unicorn erasers for favors.  Lastly, I bought that adorable unicorn from an Etsy shop for Mira to love forever. :)

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  1. I made one post...but it seemed to not post...so...

    What a rainbow baby she is! Thank you for sharing your heartaches and triumphs and everything inbetween! <3 the chaos is always worth it! It looks like everyone had a blast!!

  2. Wow, this is so adorable rainbow party. The seven rainbow layers in cake are making it so interesting. Thanks a ton for sharing the photos. Well dear last year my sister also hosted rainbow baby shower party for me. She had reserved one of the best Los Angeles venues for this event. It was extremely beautiful!!

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