14 January 2016

Five Dollar Dollhouse

Last year, I started working on redoing my childhood dollhouse.  See that post here.  I also had a friend tell me about this little charmer someone listed on a Facebook resell page for only five dollars!!  I had to get it.  I got carried away with my old dollhouse, and really wanted to add more and more details.  So I did with this one what I originally set out to do on the old: create a cute dollhouse that can also handle a lot of play by littles.  My old dollhouse is still being made for play, but not by a one year old.  And not by other kids with rough hands.  Someday that one will be done, but for now this one is ready for play by Levi (4) and Mira (1).   At the end of the post, I will share details.




Meet the proud owners:  Linus the cat and Maple the wolf (to represent Levi and Mira.)

The hardest part of this redo, was stripping the old yucko carpet out.  Most of the furniture came from a cheap wood furniture lot I bought on Amazon and a random furniture pack from Ebay.  I spray painted most of it white.  Most of the kitchen accessories came with a Plan toys microwave set.  I made the dining light, the flower vase, mushroom lamp, and the play car out of clay.  The kitchen clock was a circle wood piece with sharpie marks.  All the artwork and the wallpaper are scrapbook paper.  Frames made from flat wood pieces from Hobby Lobby.  I made the tiny throw pillows (stuffed with cotton balls!) and the bedspreads myself...with my new sewing machine.  They are not of utmost quality lol.  I made the throw rug in the living room from colored twine and duct tape.  I tried weaving one, but that fell apart because I had no clue what I was doing.  I made the hanging macrame pot from string, wood pot, and fake plants.  The side tables and fireplace are made from blocks the kids had.  Levi and our neighbor each painted one of the "books" on the entry table.  I made the teepee and the shelves in the bedrooms. My neighbor made the fuzzy pink bath mat and the wood "ruler." The adorable inhabitants, and their wardrobe pieces, are made by Cutie Kat Kat on Etsy.  I think that I should get to order more critters since I finally finished the house, right??

Now onto #thisolddollhouse!  

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