03 May 2017

The parties of 2016

In 2016, I threw four parties PLUS started my business.  Which is a lot, even for this party lover.  For this reason, all the parties were kept fairly simple.  Here are the highlights of all the parties I threw.

I started in February with a Confetti Post launch party.  We had so much fun, basically just throwing confetti all dang day.  It is amazing to look back just over a year later and see how much my business has grown.  The packages are looking a whole lot more professional at this point.

Next, I threw a party in March to celebrate my husband OFFICIALLY becoming an Registered Architect.  It was very simple, and had a subtle Star Wars theme.  Despite the simplicity, we had a great time celebrating him and his HUGE accomplishment.

Probably my favorite theme of the year, a Bubble Party to celebrate my daughter turning two.  Really, the highlight here was watching her squeal and giggle blowing simple bubbles on the porch at the end.   I served strawberry cake with bubbles (mini-balloons), bubblegum ice cream, and bubble shaped food (meatballs, cheese puffs, blueberries, grapes). We had bubblegum, bubble favors, bubble machines, gak bubbles, Wubbles, and of course classic bubbles.

Last up was my son's 5th birthday party in July.  Despite my lack of enthusiasm, we went with Minecraft.  It is about him, not me anyways. ;)  He, Daddy, and our neighbor played huge roles in this party because I am clueless on Minecraft....and honestly, was a little partied out after 4 parties in 5 months.  

That's it.  I am working on a blog post for my daughter's Alice in Wonderland party last month.  It was hands-down my favorite decorated party I have ever done.  Stay tuned.  
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