12 July 2017

Amazing Sparky's Secret Agent Party

I am always thinking of the next party theme.  Seriously, my kid's birthdays are in early July and April and we are already chatting about next year's themes.  For my son's party this year, I thought a "detective" party would be so much fun.  He wanted Sonic the Hedgehog.  I tried to lure him my way because it was for sure not going to be Sonic. LOL! Winter this past year, he started to get into the idea of being a spy---he even named himself Amazing Sparky, created a "costume", and made a few YouTube videos.  I LOVED it!  When I suggested a secret agent party, he was all in.  He and I had so much fun planning this party together.

This is my cutie as Awesome Sparky: 

We set the tone with these awesome invitations.  Really, they were pretty cool. ;)

The whole premise of the party was to invite everyone to spy training because they were needed for a very important mission.  This was a high activity party, which I cannot be sure I recommend.  I loved planning it, but the day of was a lot of work and I did not get to visit with our guests like I prefer.  Everyone raved about the party so I guess it was great from them---that is more important.  Because I spent a lot of time on the activity, we stuck with pizza for the food along with homemade cake and ice cream. The special treats were "bomb" cake pops and chocolate mustaches.  So fun and yummy! In addition to the training and mission, there was a "master of disguise" costume corner and a mug shot photo booth.

Guests arrived and had to "scan" their hand to enter, then tell Levi the secret pass phrase from the invitation.  They were then led to do a background check and make a name badge with their Secret Agent Name.
 We also made these fun "scanners" seen on this tutorial!

After filling their bellies with pizza, the Agents-in-Training were given their agent bag full of tools including a magnifying glass, flashlight, decoder wheel, pencil, secret notepad, sunglasses with built in mirrors to see behind you, play passport, and invisible ink pen.
Up next, Agent Training including bomb detonation ("hot potato" game with a stick of pretend dynamite with a kitchen timer attached), learning to break codes (learning how to use the decoder wheel in their kit), laser maze navigation (red yarn taped to the wall), and target training (throwing water balloons at the enemy spies Levi drew.)

Once they passed training, it was time for their mission.  A team of enemy spies collectively known as the Party Poopers had stolen important goods, and the leader, Spike Man (character created by the birthday boy himself) was threatening to blow up all the gifts and cake with his bomb.  All four spies (Spike Man, Mr. Z, Anita Bathe, and Robin Banks) were played by Levi's Daddy, Uncle, and two Grandmas.  The kids got a clue from each one to help them find the next Party Pooper, plus a piece of the puzzle to finding where the stolen goods were hidden.  The clues required good spy work as one was backwards requiring a mirror, one was written in invisible ink, one was cut in pieces like a puzzle, and the last was hidden in the bomb piƱata  and so tiny it required a magnifying glass.  

After the bomb was detonated and they saved the day, the kids got the last piece of the puzzle to find the stolen goods.  The clue was GIDDY UP, RED WAGON and led them to a briefcase in our red wagon on the front porch.  The money pouches included play money, jewel rings, and firework "snap-its" labeled as explosives. 

After all this, we celebrated Awesome Sparky's 6th birthday with cake and ice cream and gifts.   Overall it was good.  I made the clues for finding the stolen goods a little too hard-even for adults-by using the decoder wheel each time.  If I did it over again, the decoder wheel would not have been used on the mission.  I was really upset about this part---Levi even cried during the mission twice because of this very part.  The next day, he asked his sister what her favorite part of his party was.  He said his was the mission.  So I guess it did not traumatize him too bad!    

Overall, I call an exhausting success for this Mama aka Director Maple Mustache!

PS I got loads of inspiration from blogs all over the web.  This one and this one inspired me the most.


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