29 April 2018

Mira's Alice in Wonderland Birthday Tea Party

I never got Mira's Alice and Wonderland 3rd birthday party on here.  This was my favorite party I have ever planned and the one I most enjoyed being at as well.  Also the one I went the most "all out" on.  We had so much fun.  It was such a hit for the adults sampling new teas.  A year later, and I am now a "tea every day" person.  I certainly owe it to this party. 

The "Alice in Wonderland" theme was a long time coming. Literally, I have been thinking of the theme for years. So I kind off went "all in" on this one. It has elements from the book, classic Disney cartoon  movie edition, and a couple quotes from the newer Disney movie version.

I asked both kids at the end of the day, "What was your favorite part of the party?" They both replied, "Playing with their friends." And I agree. I fell asleep with a smile on my face thinking of all the time spent with guests. There is something so deeply satisfying about having most of your favorite people in the whole world under one roof eating, laughing, playing. It really is the greatest thing in the world, and why I love parties so much.

There were small details all around the house.  I also created "zones."  Guests entered "down the rabbit hole."  Near the gifts was the white rabbit's house area with a card board house for when Alice grows large in his house.  The dining room was the Mad Hatter's quirky tea party complete with the Doremouse in a teapot.  There was a little area with drinking potions labeled "drink me" and "eat me" mini cakes along with the golden key.  The kitchen was set up as the Queen of Heart's tea party with tea cakes, scones, and heart tarts plus the popular and conversation starting tea bar.  We played "pin the smile on the Cheshire cat" and the little girls spent most of their time playing with Mira's new tea set.  


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